Best Bed House located at Phra Arthit Road near Khao San area, comes with a reputation of being an affordable and comfortable home for budget travelers. There are 32 modern comfort rooms with fully equipped included wireless access throughout the hotel.

With nostalgic décor, full of color and character, simple but tasteful décor, the newly renovated BB House is sure to please all guests with high quality mattresses, soft pillows, warm duvets and high sanitary standards.

Its location on Phra Arthit makes it ideal to travel and relax in an area considered to be the peaceful part of Khao San. Also situated nearby to all the great tourist attractions, such as Rattanakosin Island, Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, Emerald Buddha, Democracy Monument, and the beautiful Golden Mount.

Best Bed House Hotel in Bangkok, Phra-Arthit Road, Thailand.
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